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Giveaways at the Student Well Fest

Want some free stuff? You're in luck.

Join us at the Student Well Fest to receive a variety of different giveaways. The more campus partners you attend, the more items you're eligible for!

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How it works

Student Well Fest (SWF) attendees can acquire a virtual "Passport" – via this Google Form – in order to keep track of how many department and campus partners they've engaged with. Prizes for completed passports can be redeemed during the Student Well Fest on January 24th, 2024. Come early and prepared, because we have a limited supplies!

If you engage with our various activities, you can have a choice in selecting a number of awesome giveaways. As a reminder, the more you participate, the more giveaways you have a chance to acquire! 

Student Well Fest Branded Giveaways: Tote, Otter Plush, Blanket, Tumbler, Water Bottle, and Portable Battery. 

  • 1 Table Visited: You get SWF Stickers
  • 5 Tables Visited or 2 Resource Spotlights: You can pick up to one (1) of SWF Branded Giveaways
  • 10 Tables or 3 Resource Spotlights or 1 Demo in Connection Cove:  You can pick up to two (2) of SWF Branded Giveaways
  • 15 Tables or 4 Resource Spotlights or 2 Demos in Connection Cove:  You can pick up to three (3) of SWF Branded Giveaways

*If you visit the Resource Spotlights and Demos in Connection Cove, you’ll also have a chance to get the limited Student Well Fest Bento Box!

Raffle Drawing Prizes

Attendees who complete a pre-event registration and post-event assessment form will also be entered to win a variety of prizes, with the number of entries based on the total completed assessments:

  • 1 drawing entry for pre-event registration
  • 3 drawing entries for completing the post-event assessment (sent within 48 hours of the event conclusion)

The assessments must be completed by February 1st, 2024 at 11:59pm.

Prizes include:

  • Six (6) Gift Certificate/Cards (i.e. Target, UC San Diego Bookstore, Trader Joe’s, etc.)
    • Amounts up to $75
  • Ten (10) $50 Vouchers for UC San Diego Recreation (applicable to instructional classes, strengths classes, and Outback Adventures)
  • Apple Product(s) (i.e. Apple Watch)
  • And more!

Raffle prizes can be picked up at the Student Affairs Case Management Services Office, located on the 5th Floor (Suite 510) in the Student Services Building (where Yogurt World is located, from February 6-9th, Monday through Friday from 10am to 4pm. If selected for a raffle drawing prize, you will be notified via email. 

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